Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Change of Mind

For a long time, I have had some biases about my academic goals; one of which is to find out the resaon for our ethical commitment to make world better into the nature of God and another is to challenge west-oriented worldviews with east-Asian perspectives.

Sometimes I mixed two different fields into one way; for example, finding and criticizing problems of western individual reason-captivated linear thought, and then filling that postion with the east-Asian community-oriented harmonious circular perspectives about human and the world, and finally suggesting, through new understanding of God baptized by east-Asian thoughts, instead of western ones, ethicially more responsible, more harmonious commitment, especially as important as individual redemtion, like heavenly ticket. In this sense, the new understanding of the Holy Spirit could, at least for me, be the keyword to make a new concept in the doctrine of God.

But, my mistake is to converge too fast these two different flows into one (in fact, not existing) bigger flow. Time and place for them to meet each other is not now and here. They, new ethics and new perspectives, need time to become bigger in each continuing flow.

to be continued

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